Friday, May 11, 2012

My Kind of Whimsy

The junk in my garden is nothing if not whimsical. I love making the garden feel like a magical place. Mostly, I like to accomplish through masses of flowers in dozens of shades and shapes, large leaves like elephant ears, or hostas, or vines clinging through walkways or scaling walls, and by attracting wildlife like birds, bees, butterflies, and frogs. The chaos is enchanting. I was so delighted to find in our new home, as soon as I planted, they all came, thanks most in part to the lush gardens of my neighbors, existing plants, and nearby lake, no doubt.

But my second favorite way to add whimsy is through objects. Here are some of my favorites. I found this odd metal structure on a Hobby Lobby clearance aisle. I immediately wanted it to be my side table lamp in the garden. I've had tons of different plants growing under the cage. My favorite was poor man's weather glass, with bright blue flowers. This year I have a succulent under it for now, but that is subject to change. There is a candle in the top compartment. The witch's-hat-like top comes off. I think ceramic birds and urns spilling with young succulent plants add to the whimsy also, but leave enough room for me to set my glass of wine.
These old chimes fell off their old wooden plate long ago, but I didn't like being without their whimsical sound. I had since turned a metal tin into a planter, and the top was sitting around doing nothing on my table in the garden. I put them together, bringing new life to the chimes. I hooked them on a whimsical shaped shepard's hook, low to the ground, among the roses and lilies.

I might as well start calling myself the queen of clearance, because as much I love junk- it is increasing harder to find on my own. While clearance sections abound. For gardening- winter means deals. These adorable whimsical cone shaped planters reminded me of a garden patio at the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire. And they were cheap. I have them hanging from the crab apples. This year I planted two types of ivy (plants are still very small). Last year it was fuchsia. Something about their shape, and having them in the trees is so very whimsical to me.  

Nothing says whimsy more than fairies, and I have fairies. This is a new addition this year. I have had the little metal house for years. Two sides of glass had broken over the years. I always stick something in there, like a potted succulent, or candles. This year I decided to actually make the whole bottom tray into a garden. I poked a few drainage holes, and created a rock border to capture the soil. I then used the two glass walls and shells to create a hill. So far it is holding up, but I put it right by the backdoor in case a really heavy rain comes. I don't know if the hill would hold up, so I can just pull it inside. The fairy was a gift from a student I coached years ago. An the shells are from a California beach.
This fairy sits in a tiny pot with various succulents. Seashells cover the soil where the young succulents haven't filled in yet. I want the aeonium the get tall and look like trees!
This guy might be my favorite thing in the garden. I plucked him out of my great grandpa's garden. I like to think he watches over things for me. Chippy, old, and definitely whimsical.
Birdbaths add tons of whimsy, as well as birds, butterflies, and more... but my favorite part of this old $5 cement yard sale find is the two green glass floating balls, and the cherub watching over the hostas beneath. Whimsy city.
Finally, the last bit of whimsy I have to share with you is this large fairy has a broken foot thanks to a careless lawn mower. She's tucked behind this johnson's blue geranium on a bed of moss, beside a old crumbling cement step. I say, the more broken up things are, the better. She's not going anywhere, any time soon.
Happy spring!

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