Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wishin' and Worryin'

The more I think about moving my garden to Minnesota, the easier it seems it will be. I can't stop worrying, it is my nature, but thinking about the upside has helped considerably. For example, my garden here was in need of re-spacing. Some things were getting too crowded, and other things really needed to be divided. This year is the perfect time to dig some things up and shift.

We sold our house in two days, and I've let the buyer know I'll be leaving her plant labels so she knows how to care for everything. She's thankful.

I think I've mentioned before, I'm taking most of my clematis, some of my hardiest roses, and my more rare or expensive perennials. Wherever these is a bare spot I'm tucking in a division of a plant that needs dividing. I also planning on a taking a small division of each of my more common perennials and all of my herbs. I should be arriving in Minnesota with an instant garden. I plan on having my husband rent a sod-cutter and the day I arrive I'll draw in the garden edges and begin ammending the soil. To get my plants up there I am taking the divisions as early as I can, and potting them up and resting them in what is now my vegetable bed. At a later time I will be pulling out bulbs (like some more rare tulips and iris bulbs), and just tossing them in bags and taking them up that way. Our closing day is just before memorial day weekend, so we'll get my pots out just in time for the new owner to plant her veggies (which she is excited to try). We plan on renting a u-haul, or buying a small trailer.

Lots to think about... specifically I can't stop thinking about my clematis: many of them are blooming by memorial day. I think I will end up having to cut them back just before we load them up, and then letting them establish roots all year- expecting very little blooms this year. Same with roses-- I will have to cut some of the climbers back really low just before we leave, probably interupting the main flush of blooms I get around memorial day. Bummer, but there is always next year, right. Sigh. Stress!

Let's enjoy some of my favorite shots from last memorial day:
'The President' Clematis

Wild Blue Lupine among red-leaved lysimachia, yellow-leaved privet, and common chives.

My front border garden, featuring 'East Friesland' salvia, lamb's ear, privet, burning bush, and candy colored petunias.

A unknown clematis, possibly 'HF Young,' is skirted by creeping jenny, or lysimachia 'aurea.'

Another unknown clematis, possibly 'Mrs. James Mason,' hangs over roses and golden oregano.

Oh, and I saw the tops of tulips leaves poking up outside this week, and my first robin!
Spring is coming!

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