Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Teaser

I never posted some of my favorite garden shots from last spring! How dare me!
I thought I'd do it now, as we're all sitting and waiting for our first blooms of 2011 (well, atleast here in Wisconsin). I looked at the forecast for the town I'm moving to in Minnesota this week, and they still have lows around 12F. Yikes. I can't imagine spring coming any later than it already does in Southern Wisconsin. Come next year, I won't have to. I've already warned my husband- I'm gonna need a green house and cold frame. For sure.

I may be taking some of this pink charm with me, because I love her!
Primrose. I always find them all pooped out in late winter on some clearance shelves in home depot, and they turn into this the following year. I have blues and whites, too...
Bleeding Heart. I moved her last fall, and I have not seen her coming up yet... worried. Perhaps I'm remembering wrong where I put her?

And my tulips. I'm going to miss all of my Darwin Tulips, especially Apricot Impression. Look at those curling flower petals. Poetry.
Perfect over muscari:
Apricot Beauty, with her fringed silvery foliage.
Above a blue groundcover veronica.

Red Impression.
Daydream seemed to change colors overnight.

Happy Spring!

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