Monday, March 21, 2011

Clematis Photos, Best of 2010: Part 3

This is the third and final post full of my favorite clematis pictures from my garden in 2010. I'll be moving away from this garden in 2 short months, and I'm planning on bringing most of my clematis with me. I also plan on leaving behind a few good ones, like a vigorous Polish Spirit, and pinky Ville de Lyon, and this Jackmanii, scrambling through a Ramblin' Red climbing rose:

Why am I taking 30 + cultivars and leaving these few? I'm hoping my home buyer falls in love with them the same way I did. When we bought our house there were very few plants. Some iris bulbs that never bloomed until I dug them up and replanted them, a single rose- now my largest and most beautiful climbing rose, John Cabot, a red trumpet vine, several lilacs, hostas, yews, and a beautiful Etiolle Violette clematis that was just a pup. These plants struck my curiosity, and coupled with my skills as a container gardener already and the knowledge from a long line of family gardeners, that EV clematis sparked a life-long love affair with plants.
Here are the last of my favorite clematis photos from 2010.
Comtesse de Bouchaud:

Sweet Autumn:



Pink Flamingo:
Happy gardening!

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