Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few low-growers I love.

I love this super floriferous 'Fort Hill' moss phlox even reblooms in September. Here it is in May 2010- a carpet of flowers.

Creeping veronica 'Waterperry Blue' has some of the bluest flower in my garden. It keeps a nice green matte of foliage when it's not in bloom.

Creeping veronica speedwell, 'Georgia Blue' pairs well with Lamb's Ear. It's very drought tolerant, too. I think of it as a perennial alternative to annual blue lobelia.
Here's another shot of it in another part of the garden. It is very easy to divide.

Aubrieta 'Purple heart' has some beautiful royal purple blooms!
Aubrieta 'Purple Heart' with creeping veronica speedwell 'Georgia Blue.'
Aubrieta 'Whitewell Gem' with creeping veronica speedwell, 'Georgia Blue.'
Happy gardening!

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