Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Say it Ain't So?

My research continues on what plants from my garden are going to be hardy enough to transition to Minnesota with me. I've found a few major bummers lately, and am toying with trying them up in zone 4 anyway. First, can it really be true? Butterfly Bushes are not hard in zone 4? I've seen some estimates say they are only hardy to zone 6-which I am far from... and they grow here. So, I may try to take one with me anyway. They attract so many beauties! I have 4 mature ones in my garden now, and can watch hummers and butterflies galore on them all day. And they smell so sweet! Daisies? REALLY? A garden without daisies seems impossible. Can it be? I've yet to see a single estimate that says any of my daisies are hardy below zone 5, but I may have to try this out myself.

Stokesia (Stoke's Aster) are a new favorite of mine. My 3 beauties are just hitting their stride. Again, I may have to sneak one along with me and see it lives.

Wish me luck!

Anyone with zone 4 hardiness experience with any of these, let me know!


Shady Gardener said...

Jamie, We are ex-zone 4, changed to Zone 5a. Our butterfly bushes are borderline here... if mulched well in the fall, they seem to make it alright. And, I would think you could certainly try it on the protected south side of the house and/or building... Good luck!

(I love Minnesota, as I grew up very near the border - in Iowa).

Jamie said...

Thanks. I was thinking of trying at least one, and certainly on the south side. I also plan on brining two climbing roses that are not as cane hardy as my canadian ones and pining their canes to ground and burying them on the south side. Oh the effort! lol.