Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rotary Gardens: July 2010

I love when I look through last summer pictures only to find a whole few garden trips I never blogged about. Lucky us, this July trip to my local Rotary Gardens in Janesville, WI was very picture heavy, and not short on inspiration.
If you can't tell, the theme for their front beds last year was red. Inc-red-ible. hehe.
Love the way the red bounces off the silver spruces and golden cypress shrubs.

Never loved these new shorter coneflowers until I saw this.

Again, I had to be face to face with this coconut lime coneflower to truly love it.

The rock garden this beauty was in seemed newer- or perhaps I had never noticed it before. So pretty.
This geranium looked awesome in the rock garden, spilling over the steps.

'Princeton Gold' Norway Maple was WOW! I totally want one.

Silver Falls dichondra looks like some sea creatures dripping from these baskets in the rose garden.

I didn't realize 'Tutti Frutti' hyssop would get this large in our zone. I lost mine to winter wet.
Highly suggested for a fragrant addition to any dry, sunny garden!
Colocasia 'Coffee Cups' is wish list addition.

Went out and bought this one soon after!

Annual beds overflowing!

The lilies were showstoppers. I climbed into the beds by stepping on bare spots only and found little or no visible labels. I can tell you they were super tall and unbelievably fragrant. Orienpet hybrids mostly I think.

This one is 'Golden Splendor'- I bought it last year!

Wow, right?

The hosta selection here in unreal, also.

Do you think I could pull off one of these fountains in my cottage style garden?

Love this light yellow daylily.

Can't beat a hardworking Rudbekia!

A little garden art.

Astibles... gives me ideas...
Happy gardening!


Larry said...

I've always enjoyed my visits to Rotary Gardens... several years ago all their tulips planted for early/mid/late seasons came into bloom at once because of a strange spring weather-wise... it was absolutely incredible and I'll never forget that sight! Larry

Shady Gardener said...

What a wonderful, wonderful place!!! Thank you for sharing. :-)

Jamie said...

You are very welcome!