Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gone and Done It

Every year I browse websites and drool over the more exotic dahlias available out there. Every year I say I will buy a few, but instead I end up getting what I can find locally or on clearance. I can never find the ones that really speak to me- really, really special hues or shapes, or color combinations. It happens my birthday is in March, and I always say I'll spend the birthday money I get from my grandmother on those fantastic dahlias I desire, but I usually end up getting some garden art or pottery, maybe some bare root roses. Later, when I walk the farmer's market or public gardens I regret not getting those magical flowers.

This year, I didn't give myself the chance to spend the money elsewhere. I strapped myself to the couch, made a list, browsed some websites, and placed my order. Around $60 later (including one free gift and shipping) I have stunning collection of 10 dahlias on their way from Not bad considering that amount would have only bought me two new roses!

I google image-searched the dahlias to give you a glimpse of what I ordered. I can't wait to photograph these beauties, and make bouquets!

Raspberry Punch:

Emory Paul:

Gitt's Respect (love the name):

Gitt's Perfection:

Fuzzy Wuzzy:
Bumble Rumble:
Hot Tamale:

Pineland's Princess
And this one, Hakuyou, was a free gift with orders over $50- I chose a white one because I have no white dahlias.

Happy gardening!

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