Saturday, October 11, 2008

South Coast Botanic Garden

One afternoon I dragged my mom and kids to South Coast Botanic Garden. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Bork, took our class here ages ago, and I have wanted to revisit ever since. The kids had not napped well on this day, so our visit was brief, but I loved what I did get to see.
Here's my mom and son by some giant staghorn ferns!!


The real treat of the trip? Turns out it was peak Dahlia season. Oh my goodness, folks, this place was so beautiful.

Just rows and rows of dahlias, all spectacular. I was amazed. I have a few, but nothing like this! I can, say, though, after this visit, I might have to add more to garden. :)

This one was my favorite.

Here's my mom at the entrance to the dahlia garden:

And me:

My mom loved the color of this one:

My mom and my oldest son admiring the Dahlia's.

Around the corner from the dahlia garden we found some edibles. The boys sat by this pumpkin for a pose.

I bought one of the these red succulents in Cambria. It's already inside for winter here in Wisconsin, in a sunny window. I hope it fares well, and prospers. I love it.

So sculptural:

Those are my sons walking in the cactus garden.

I thought it couldn't get any better than the dahlia garden? Nope. Roses. A whole sea of them...

Some beauties I looked at up close for a second. My kids were so tired by this point, and the sun was scorching. We really rushed. But I took a few moments to sniff and snap.

There's a massive Cecille Brunner cloaking the arbor you see here:

Hope you enjoyed my brief tour of the gardens. Bring cash if you go there, no checks, debit, or credit accepted. :)
Happy Gardening!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, don't know what I like better, the dahlias or the roses. Both gorgeous! I can't figure out why I never grow dahlias. I need to change that.