Saturday, October 18, 2008

An August Farmer's Market

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you may have picked up the fact that I love living near the Dane County Farmer's Market. On any given seasonal Saturday morning I can drive a half hour and find just about any natural product my heart desires.
Back in August, just days after we returned from our trip to California, I took my friends from Chicago to experience the market for the first time. I took some eye-candy while I was there, that I thought you might enjoy peeking at.
The landscaping and capitol building.

So in love with the color here:

And I might paint a room in my house heirloom tomato red; I already have a side table painted this color (the paint is from Ace Hardware, and it was called something like heirloom tomato red).

These Delphiniums are so beautiful to me. I can't help but get lost imagining the garden they came out of.

Beautiful Zinnias; this year mine were plaqued with powdery mildew and just weren't impressive. I was so excited about Green Envy, and it was the moldiest of the group. My son did request to take a green flower to school on the show and tell mom day. These farmer's market flowers are beauties.

Talk about artwork:

We did bring some of these home with us, mine had not flourished at home without my care for 3 weeks. In fact, all but 2 of my bean plants died when I was gone. I sort of saw it comin'. Nevetheless, the beautiful beans we bought here were delicious.

This big guy was free; my friend and I both took home chunks. I made bread, it wouldn't be good for much else, right?

Hope you enjoyed my brief trip to the market!

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cindee said...

Wow what a wonderful Farmers Mkt. Everything looks great! The tomato paint sounds really fun. I would love to do that too. I painted my daughters room with a sort of burgundy. I love it. Its only half a wall but I still think it warms up the room so much(-:
The Zuke wouldn't be to good to eat as is. The bread I bet was tastey!!! What recipe did you use?