Friday, October 3, 2008

Garden Shops & Sights in Cambria

Cambria is town packed with whimsy and charm. Sure, there are quaint stores, bakeries filled with interesting tasty treats, the ocean front restaurants, and scenic bay where waves crash endlessly, but the gardens are what I fell most in love with. I brought my camera with me to snap pictures of all the interesting garden-themed things I saw in the small town. The trip was a getaway for my husband and I, and while he loves me darn good, he does not share my love for gardening. I tried to keep my garden exploits to a minimum. At the same time, these gardens were pretty spectacular and I didn't know when I'd get to be back. Taking pictures was the easiest way to take the sights with me so I could deeply enjoy them later.
This wall of morning glory was so beautiful!

Agapanthus under an arbor walkway near a bakery.

More enchanting agapanthus.

A store front.

The backyard of a garden store. That handsome guy is my husband.

No idea, but I love them!

Delphinium always capture my attention.

Isn't she pretty?

One of the coolest things I saw when we were there was this little vignette. It was in the store Heart's Ease, which my husband and I visited in 2002 on our honeymoon.
Also outside Heart's Ease.

More tunnels, paths, and arbors in the garden stores we passed through.

Love this blue:

A gourd house:

And this green:

Inside some of the stores, too. Amazing eye candy and ideas galore.

On our walk to lunch I found this jasmine growing on the side of a store front. I fell in love. I have one of these plants at home but it hasn't bloomed in years. I keep it, just in case.

I took a clipping with me to smell all day. Combined with this glass of Reisling, and the later walk we took on the beach, the perfect day was achieved.

Happy gardening, more to come as usual.

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cindee said...

Wow, Wow, Wow and Wow!!!! I love everything!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am glad your DH let you take the time to see everything and get pictures to share on your blog!!! I am glad you had a great get away too(-: