Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The garden I came home to: Early September

After 3 weeks away from my garden I didn't know what to expect to find. I have wonderful neighbors who cared for my containers, watering every few days. This is a thankless task, as I had dozens and dozens of containers. The ground plants had to fend for themselves though, in the intense August heat and drought. Overall, I was impressed to find everything looking alright. I did lose all of my squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers, not surprisingly given their dependance on water. A few of the perennials I had wrongfully divided or planted in mid-summer, including heuchera, and a new catmint, were just about dead. After some intense watering (the kind that makes a dent in the water bill), and some deadheading & TLC, the garden bounced back and in just a short week was giving me plenty to love.

Here are the cosmos I direct sowed (sp?) from seed in the spring:

Some fall favorites, like Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass:


Cleome, from seed sent to me by my friend Melissa in the spring:

A late season find last year, Gentiana Makinoi Blue w/a hardy mum, Katella Bronze.

Sweet Autumm Clematis gives a fabulous first year show:

The front bed is just too chaotic for me, but it sure is cottage style... changes to come in the spring.

My back bed of roses looked pretty darn good for a first year bed, if you ask me.

Brother Cadfael David Austin rose:

Scarlet Knight:

Windermere, in it's own spot in the garden, also blooms again for me. Holding it's usually arching stem up high, too!

Tons more to come; these images are from Early-mid september, and my garden is still blooming and w/o frost damage as of yesterday (October 20th).

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