Friday, October 3, 2008

Cambria Nursery

Just around the corner from Cambria Pines Lodge lies the equally enchanting Cambria Nursery. This may not be the most flattering picture I've ever taken, but I was so happy, it matters little.

This fence lines the parking lot, filled with whimsical garden topiaries such as these gardeners.

A lamb?

And an adorable cow.

Outside of the nursery stock, I found the building full of gift treasures to be magical!

Here are some of the garden miniatures they had for sale in the store.
So simple, but striking cabinet.

Outside there were planters and beds full of blooms, textures, colors.

Look at the smoke bush up on this hill.
A walk through the gardens.

Ah, more chocolate cosmos! I love them.

I loved the displays here. Now these are impulse buys! (Beside the register).

The checkout desk is in this building. I loved all the stars!! I wish I had a doorway to hang stars in like this... I'm plotting.

I came home with a small fern, a succulent, a bearded tongue, and cosmos for my mother. While we were there we made friends with a woman who had been gardening nearly 60 years in coastal parts of California. She was such a charming person, so funny, and just talked our ears off. A great stop on our journey! I can't reccomend this place enough, and I haven't even taken you down the hill into town yet.


cindee said...

That looks like a great place to shop too!!!(-: The stars hanging is a great idea...(-: If my husband wasn't so tall...He is 6'4" as it is he runs into everything with his big size 15 feet!!! LOL I tell him to be careful but he knocked over one of my halloween ceramic jack o lanterns and broke it..of course it was my fault for putting it in "his way" but really it wasn't. It was just that he is not careful...(-: Now he owes me a new Jack(-:

Anonymous said...

aloha! i´m writing all awayy from Portugal just to say that i started to admire gardening and all the stuff around it.
í still don´t have my own place, but i´m scheming already some stuff which reminded me building my first birdhouse out of wood! do you perhaps know how to make one with right measures?
thanks for the help:)
kisses from across the atlantic!