Saturday, October 4, 2008

One last treasure on our getaway...

On our way back down from Cambria to Los Angeles we passed back through Solvang. We spent the morning and afternoon eating and wine tasting. On our way into town, though, I spotted this place on the side of the road, and I just had to stop:

We breezed through here, but I did find some things I fell in love with. This potting bench for one:
The squirrels here made my day. They were giant.
Cute, clever birdhouse.
Look closely, at the base of this whiskey barrel fountain there's a frog sleeping. His head, belly, and legs peak out of the ground. Cute!
Junk treasures abound.

I could make my very own bed like the one I saw at Cambria with this frame. Gorgeous. If only, I were rich.
Almost done posting pictures of our vacation to California, and have lots to share at home, too.

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cindee said...

love the froggie(-: I need that for my garden(-: I collect frogs. Everything is so pretty down there in SO CA(-: I would love to visit and see it all too!!!My brother and his wife went to Disneyland this week and he told me how pretty the gardens are there. I haven't been since I was 7! Someday I will have to go. I just am such a hermit(-: