Monday, October 27, 2008

October 22nd in the Garden

Just a quick post to share what is still going strong outside my doors. We have our first heavy frost advisory tonight, and snow flurries fell today. We've had to pull out the muddin' and rainin' boots for the rain and wet ground we have.
Here's my oldest son sitting beside Heirloom rose.
Hot Cocoa roses is still making a great show with several blooms. I notice they smell better this time of year, perhaps b/c of the cooler weather?

Heirloom rose up close:

Sundowner Rose
Who knew that Joe Pye Weed "Chocolate" turned this lovely mocha-chartruese color in the fall? I don't remember this in the past... and I love it. I have to move this closer to the front of the border nest year, the asters beside it are covering it too much, and i think it'll be great next some other things...

The gateway to the veggie bed, where I still have some things growing (lettuce, radishes, carrots, peas, some herbs, and last week we had fresh-from-the-garden tomatos in our tacos!)
Like these carrots for example:
The back border, featuring mums, marigolds, and cosmos.
And, a last Double Delight Rose
Happy gardening everyone!


Matron said...

I look forward to reading more about your garden in Wisconsin. I bet it gets mighty cold there in Winter. CAn you do any gardening at all?

Jamie said...

Thanks and welcome. Outside, after November, there is little or nothing to do in the garden outside. Even if there were, it's just too cold. Our temps in late December, January and February rarely get above freezing in the day time. The only things that look alive are evergreens, and sometimes I can wander outside and cut some sprigs to bring in.

I do bring in many of my plants (around a 100?Z) and tend to them in the windows of my small home. I have orchids, bulbs, succulents, cactus, ivy, tropicals,and some herbs and ferns that stay alive all winter long. It keeps me busy!

Otherwise, I read gardening books, and keep a journal for ideas about the past garden season and upcoming garden season, also. I draw pictures, and browse the internet for ideas, too.

cindee said...

Hi Jamie,
Just thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. I hope you are doing well(-: