Saturday, March 2, 2013

Officially Anxious

I know, I know... still a long way to go until central Minnesota sees real spring time things like green grass, or a flower, but we can all admit it is coming soon. With May 10th as the date to plant tender annuals, this week puts us 8-10 weeks away, and ready to start some inside seeds. This morning I am starting some lavenders-both French Long, and Sancho Panza. I also started a flat of snapdragons. I'll be growing these indoors. In the unheated greenhouse I have some winter sowing going on including delphinium, foxgloves, and columbine. I just could not wait to get my hands in some dirt, even if it did come from a seed starting mix bag.
Meanwhile, I indulged myself in looking at my photos from last May. Totally enjoying the bright sunshiny pictures, so I thought I'd pass them along.

Happy almost spring!


Ryan said...

Love the shot of the butterfly on the scabiosa - so cool!

Jamie said...

Thanks, Ryan!