Friday, March 15, 2013

Overflowing With Ideas

I found endless ideas at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. I was snapping pictures left and right. Here are some of my favorites!

If I ever have a reason to have a lavish garden party, this one looks pretty romantic.

My favorite area was this section (for vendor information see here).
I love this ladder shelf... and I have a ladder or two just waiting to be made into a similar model. And if you are short on space and have a drill, this wall planter would allow you to grow plenty of edibles.
They tucked their hose into old tires. and the tiered garden is a nice space saver, too. But my favorite thing about this picture is the shovel as the rail post.  
Love this herringbone brick pattern. 
Love, love, love this sort-of adirondack chair.  
And I wish I had a reason to make a giant letter in my garden... 
This shed seems to be made from all salvage materials.  So inspiring! 
And note to self: someday have a flower market! 

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