Monday, March 25, 2013

More Chicago Flower & Garden Show Photos

I've always loved tulips but I gained new appreciation for them when we moved next to neighbors who plant hundreds of tulip bulbs every fall. Last year I could not resist and when the tulips went on sale I bought every variety in sight. So, getting a preview of all of the tulips at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show was exactly what the doctor ordered! I even found a few varieties I had planted. This is one late spring, even for this far north, and the tulips in my yard are a long way off still-- we can't even see the dirt yet, thanks to tons and tons of snow. So inside this building on a pier in Chicago was in tulip heaven! Enjoy!
Valery Gergiev:
Orange Princess: 
Ad Rem Beauty 


Kees Nelis 

Princess Irene 
Cool Crystal 
Apricot Joy 
Annie Schilder
Oh! I can't wait for tulip season around here! 

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