Thursday, February 28, 2013

I cannot wait!

I cannot wait to plant these lillies! My mom ordered them for me from Hirts. I have the box open on the floor next to me where I am working just so I can smell them- the medium that they're packed in smells like fresh spring dirt, or like walking into a garden center.
Edited: I was alarmed when these bulbs arrived this time of year.  We had/have so much snow on the ground still, and I wasn't quite sure how I would get the bulbs to stay healthy until the ground thawed. The bulbs had broken dormancy in their packaging, and began turning mushy- I assume from reaching freezing temps in transit to my doorstep.  Total bummer. I took a picture and asked the gentleman who runs Hirts greenhouse to send me a new batch, and instead he suggested I have him refund this order, and wait until I would ready to recieve shipment to re-order. I had him refund it, but I won't be ordering again. Every good nursery has a delayed shipping set- up where cold weather gardens can pick their week of shipment... he wasn't willing to work with me. I can't inagine the selection would be as good if I waited until May 1st to order from his shop--- varieties in my order were already selling out now. His ideas were flawed, and left those of us in the north at a disadvantage at getting a good selection. I also checked out his twitter and found out he really need a lesson in keeping his personal opinions and business in totally seperate internet realms. OMG. Yuck.

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