Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This almost 34 year old's tiny wishes.

I have two wishes for my birthday this Friday.
One: I would like to open the house windows for the first time since October. I want fresh spring air flowing throughout my house. I *may* get this wish, as forecasts put Friday @ 49, and Saturday in the low 50's.
Second: Each March I plant peas, and this year I've only been able to do so in the greenhouse. I want to plant some sweet peas outside in the real dirt, real ground. We have a patch of soil by the side door that is sunbaked all day, and well thawed, despite the snow pile a foot high beside it. I have my Captain of the Blue's sweet peas in the cup of water soaking, ready to be planted Friday morning. Wish me luck.
Also, I would love lunch at Pittsburgh Blue, and my first cadbury egg of the season for dessert, but I don't want to go *crazy* with demands... ;)
I also spent a chunk of some gift money on a few things garden related. I picked up some Arabian Night Dahlia bulbs, 4 Arlo Nehring Caladium, sweet pea seeds, and a 6" blue gazing ball- because you can never have too many blue gazing balls. Seriously. I went thrifting like a mad woman and brought home some tea cups and saucers to epoxy together into bird feeder/baths, a 20 cent metal stand for said gazing ball, a vintage green planter pot for a house plant, and some pretty porcelain bowls I want to use as butterfly baths- they like shallow water, so it should work out perfectly.
Most importantly, I finally ordered my own copies of Debra Lee Baldwin's succulent books... no more library hogging them.
Spring can come now. I am so ready.

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CiNdEe said...

I hope all your wishes come true!
Happy Birthday!!!!