Monday, July 16, 2012

Mysterious Rose

I'm usually pretty good at identifying roses, but when we moved into this house I found a rose I can't seem to figure out. It is unclear if the owner or preious owner planted the rose. The owner is not a gardener, but the previous owner lived here for a very long time, and gardened obsessively. It is in a bed with several other roses only. I added perennials beneath this year. This one rose has me stumped for several reasons. First, its hardiness. I'm well into zone 4, almost near zone 3, and this rose is cane hardy-showing no signs of winter die back, and blooms a week or more earlier than the rest. It has a reletively good repeat. The color changes from a pale yellow to a sunset pink, then to almost white. This first picture shows all the stages from the bud to the petals falling off.
It has a nice rose fragrance, and when in full bloom I can smell it from some distance.

Here is one shot of the whole rose, too.
It is a gorgeous little bugger, and I love it. Let me know if anyone has any ideas...

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