Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Landscape Inspiration

My oldest son, who is 7, is into gardening, so when I wanted to tour the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum I decided to give my husband a break, and take Benjamin with me. We had a great time. We ate a sack lunch in the hosta glade, and he ran from water feature to water feature scheming all the waterfalls and fountains he'll have in his yard when we grows up. I took a ton of pictures. Shocking, right? I've narrowed them into categories, including landscape inspiration, container gardens, plants I want, and water features. Here's the first batch.

Whether you're looking for a traditional perennial bed, a flaming hot bed of hard working annuals, or ideas for great shaped shrubs, there are lots of ideas here.

Classic combination of russian sage, black eyed susan, and heuchera.

Fantastic hillside anyone could grow with sedum, coneflower, sage, phlox, and joe pye weed.

Reds and pinks...

So special!
I want to know how none of their tall annuals are tipping over? Like magic!

Still lots of contrast and scale to love here.

Like, whoa.
Favorite part of this combination is the grass, surprisingly.
So much to love about this combination... the height of the cannas, the red from the canna flowers matching the red flower so of the salvia.

Now all climbers have to be against a wall. Love this pillar of clematis in a rose garden.
White nicotiana peace pipe with siberian iris, and lavender petunias. Love how the height goes up and down here.
A wisteria arbor with a beautiful white mandevilla, and all white hanging baskets.

This makes me miss my limelight hydrangeas.

Hope you found some awesome inspiration.

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