Sunday, July 1, 2012

Let's Eat!

I've been growing food for years, and I will for the rest of my life. There's nothing better than a fresh tomato sandwich, or those first spring peas steamed just right. And zucchini bread is a summer staple for my boys.
I was lucky when we moved into this rental house to have a garden all ready to be tilled, and a neighbor to till it. I was unlucky, however, to not have experience with deer and so many rabbits. Nearly everyday I found another plant eaten to the ground by whomever... almost no peppers last year, and only a few pole beans. So this year we've fences it in. I know thgis won't keep really hungry deer out, and a bunny get easily get under that fence, but it deters them. So far, it really works! We've had quite a few peppers already harvested, and many more about to be. And beans are already set, too. Peas, lettuce, all untouched. Yay, fence.
I think food growing can be so beautiful, too. Here's lettuce, lolla rossa:
Peas, a number of varieties:

The owner has raspberries planted, and we very much enjoy them!

Pepper, Alma Paprika:

Green Peppers:
'Contender' Beans:

 My husband, who is in th Army comes home today, and I've saved the first cherry tomatoes for him to eat fresh off the vine this evening. There's also a delicious anaheim pepper to include in dinner. What are you growing?

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CiNdEe said...

Nothing better then fresh grown veggies!!! Love them! We have to fence our garden too because of the deer/rabbits. So many of them. It is 5 feet high to keep out those animals. They eat my roses and whatever else they please but the veggies are off
Glad you are getting to enjoy some veggies this year too!!!!