Monday, July 30, 2012

Bloom Frenzy

As I was deadheading the other day two things occurred to me. I really love flowers. I always thought I was equal parts foliage/flowers, but really, it is all about the flowers. Also, I bet there are hundreds of thousands of flowers in my yard over the span of a single summer. I used to count- when my roses were smaller, how many each one put out. When a huge john cabot topped well over 300 at once, I stopped counting. Note to self: get a John Cabot for this yard.

Just wanted to share a little sampling of what is blooming right now.
Rudbeckia with small orange zinnia. Love how the center of zinnia is the same hue of yellow as the black eyed susan's petals.
My huge old wheel barrel planter is cranking still. I never regret spendin the $5 on a six pack of wave petunias.

This great rudbeckia, from seed this year- most likely from my neighbor, although I put a few seeds in places, too.
Pink "Prime Minister" Phlox blooms well in less than a half day's sun.
Bonica rose giving me a great second show for the season.
So glad I spent the 50 cents on this cleome 4 pack.
My favorite spot to watch for hummingbirds- they love the honeysuckle on the arbor, the bee balm, and the tall white nicotiana.
Heuchera 'Palace Purple' has a nice long bloom period, and looks great in both sun and shade for me.
This rose, Pearly Gates, is in a container on the back porch- so this bloom is right in my face when I sit on my porch.
This butterfly bush brings all the pollinators to the yard!
Also on the back porch, this abultion (aka flowering maple)- gosh, I've probably had this one for 6 years now, in the same pot... NEVER disappoints.

Happy gardening!


HolleyGarden said...

300 blooms! Wow - I need John Cabot! ;) I love the blooms, too. And yours are beautiful. I need more for my hummingbirds, and for some reason I don't have a butterfly bush in my garden, either. You've made my wish list longer in just this one post! :)

Jamie said...

:) Glad I could help. Happy gardening!