Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too early for containers, but so what!

Sure, I can't set these babies outside and forget about them just yet, but I will be able to soon. For now, I can place them in a sunny window inside and watch them for signs of stress carefully. I started my containers super early this year b/c I have most of the containers in the house already. Last year, I started centering most of my larger pots with one main plant that can overwinter well indoors, like my elephant ears, a plumbago, red banana, a ficus tree, and some agapanthus. Yesterday I added some more plants to each of the containers to form a good base for the season, although I might plug in some more annuals here and there as needed. Here, I surrounded my elephant ears with an apricot non stop begonia, coleus 'sedona,' coleus 'pineapple,' vinca vine, and fuschia 'autumnale.'

A peak at the apricot non-stop begonia.

I love this fuschia 'autumnale.' I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

The coleus 'sedona' was on my plant wish list. This winter I was able to keep all my coleus varieties alive in the house (both full plants I cut back and cutting I dipped in soil and allowed to take root), so I'm excited to branch out and invest in some more varieties.

In my giant red container I have a red banana, coleus 'fishnet stockings,' coleus, 'pineapple,' geranium ',' and an ivy.

I bought this coleus fishnet stockings a few years ago before I had even thought about overwintering a coleus indoors. I was excited to find a new one this spring.

This container is just a hanging basket filled with bright red non=stop begonia and a varigated ivy.

All of the above containers will be in part sun. I have not begun working on my full sun containers yet, but they will be built around my agapanthus and plumbago. Happy day!

In other news, when I was at the local perennial farm this last weekend I asked about centhranthus ruber "Jupiter's Beard' pictured here, on the left of this walkway in a seattle garden.

My mom told me when she was growing up this plant, also known as 'red valerian' was in her yard. I thought it'd be neat to have it my yard, too. When I found out it is hardy where we live, I was so excited I set out to some local nurseries and sought the plant. No luck. No one carried it. Well, this year, Northwind Perennial Farm is going to have it. I'm pumped, and ready to go back and get it in May! I plan on putting it beside my shed and the rear of the back perennial border, perhaps some other locations as well.

Happy gardening to you all!

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