Thursday, April 3, 2008

No Camera, New Fountain

Still no pansies, but I was able to find some bulbs on clearance at Walmart, both daffodils and tulips for $.30-.77 cents a piece. I envisioned them going in my pots on my patio, but I decided to stick them in the ground in some bare spots near the roses. I stuck the daffs by the arbor with the blue balls. The local nursery has pansies, but they are $5 a piece. No thanks.

My darling hubby tried to run the rototiller through the vegetable bed last night, but the ground is so saturated and muddy the blades quickly filled up and clogged stiff. He was able to get an area big enough for radishes and lettuce, sometime in the next 7 days I'll get out and put in a few rows, just for experimental purposes. Our lows are 34 degrees on average right now, but we are no where near in the clear from much more frigid overnight temps. Worst case scenario I've read you can protect sensitive crops from a heavy frost with an overnight bed sheet. If it comes to that, I'll proudly spread one over my lettuce.

I found the chives and garlic chives I grew from seed last summer are returning with vigor. I love when seeds so well, it almost feels like getting free stuff.

In the meantime I filled a window box style planter with lettuce, swiss chard, and mesclun. Did I mention that yesterday? Probably. It rests on the deck, and I can simply pull this in the kitchen overnight if lows are extreme.

Theo also put together my fountain last night. I found a nice fountain at Menard's on clearance a few weeks ago, and my mom decided to get it for me for my birthday. It's a birdbath with a pineapple in the middle from which water spills out and trickles down. I love pineapples, and was delighted to know they symbolize hospitality. We put the fountain beside the deck, and even Theo was quick to admit the sound of the water was relaxing. I found some blue and white glass balls on clearance at Gordman's, and they float perfectly in the water. I could not be more pleased. Pictures to come...

My camera battery charger died last night. The tiny prongs the battery should rest against
to charge bent and fell off. I've only had it since November, so I was PEAVED! We ordered a new one, so in 3-8 days I'll have pictures to share again.

Yesterday's chores also included a rabbit experiment. I have never had a problem with rabbits eating my bulbs. This year, they must be hungry, b/c I have some chomped up bulbs out front. I read bone meal's scent deters the little hippity hops, so I laid nearly a whole box of it over my bulb areas. I know I will have to reapply it when/if we get heavy rain. I also did a little experiment of my own. Dogs are said to keep rabbits at bay. Laura doesn't get up into the front yard enough to leave a trail of her presence, so I decided to bring her presence up there myself. I scooped up a few of her turds, and put them in my bulb bed. What do I have to lose? If the bunnies smell dog and leave my bulbs alone, I get tulips, and come planting time, I just have to avoid the poop deterrents I've put down. I'll let you know how this works out.

On a final note, our local paper featured people are crazed about gardening as me. One gentleman had something like 300 varieties of hostas in his sun room, another lady was doting on a colues she grew from cutting. See, I'm not alone!
Have a great day in the garden!

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