Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Color my world, indoors.

I have a lot of plants in my house right now. Tons. So many it's not pretty anymore, its just too much clutter. In just a month they'll almost all move outside. For now, some of the little buggers are blooming or just being fabulous inside. I thought I'd share, of course.
Plumeria, from my plant growin in California. My mom brought it to me on her recent trip.
Passion flower vine is covered with blooms. I gave this plant the tiniest dose of fertilizer and it goes crazy with blooms. It sits in my dining room window, and remained this healthy all winter there.

Red primrose and sedum 'angelina' in my bay window.

An unknown Oxalis, dainty flowers only open in bright sunlight.

Another forced Hyacinth in my living room.

Three pots of sedum in the window, 'blue spruce' and 'angelina'.

Bouganvillea, red. Now you see what all the hulla-bub is about. I love this plant. You can also see why its often called 'paper flower'. You can take the girl out of southern California, but the girl can bring southern California with her wherever she goes, even Wisconsin.

Variegated Angel's Trumpet, Brugmansia.

I grew this wandering jew from a tiny 3 inch clipping I took home from my mom's planter in California. I have since dividing the original cutting several times, and the result is whole plant, a gorgeous one at that.

Christmas Cactus is ready to bloom.

Florist Primrose still pumping out blooms.

Has everyone seen the Lowe's commerical where the whole world is black and white until you enter the nursery section? The man in the commercial is in disbelief and begins to stick parts of his body back into the B & W world, like his arm and even booty. After purchasing flowers the couple remains colorful as they leave the store. I LOVE this commercial, and while I know all nurserys can provide me with color, it makes me want to get in the car and drive the half hour plus to the nearest Lowe's.

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Karen said...

I love bouganvillea! You have such gorgeous plants, great pics!