Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Garden-Focused Blog

I have come to the realization gardening consumes my thoughts, but not everyone elses. Why everyone doesn't fall asleep dreaming of roses, larkspur and delphinium elludes me, but to each their own. In anticipation of an interesting & fulfilling gardening season beginning I have decided to create a blog dedicated only to my beloved garden. Now, my "I Love My Life" blog readers who don't give a lick about plants (gasp!) can avoid having the thumb down over a hundred pictures of my Kordes Perfecta from a million different angles in order to see what the kids are up to.

After dinner tonight I'm off to a local garden center in search of pansies & a rototiller. This weekend I plan on putting in my very first crop of cold season foods, including some lettuces, radishes, and more... (I've done radishes, but in June).

I plan on posting images and words about my garden progress often, so stay tuned.

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