Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Getting excited!

Every winter I spend a lot of time planning my spring garden. Usually January I'm already buried in my books, sketching, drawing pictures, taking notes studying last year's garden pictures. This year I have been working full time and I have not had any time to even think about my garden. I took a day off yesterday to be myself and just enjoy thinking about the garden. Last weekend I picked up my garden journal for the year and I was dying to write something in it! I also place my first order of the season for seeds online- from Park Seed (including profusion zinnias, benary's giant zinnias, snapdragons, black eyed Susan vine, coleus, Spanish lavender, and hollyhock). And I found this wonderful magazine at Walmart.  I could hardly fall asleep last night coming up with all sorts of ideas! Back to reality today, working, but in my mind gardening season is on its way!

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