Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend.

This weekend we celebrated Mother's Day at the Milwaukee Zoo. I caught a whiff of 'Wedgewod Blue' lilac in the butterfly garden.

Saturday we drove out to one of my favorite perennial farms, Northwind. In between rain showers, I roamed and took a few pictures. I always love this arbor!
So scenic.

Love the hen house.

Close-up of a container I love. I have a few of these in my garden, and this makes me wish I had paired them together.

The pond. So beautiful.
I did come home with a couple treasures (15% off for Mother's Day, too!).
This burnet:

And this Geum, 'Mango Lassi.'

Paired in the above picture with euphorbia, yummy!
Happy Gardening!


Shady Gardener said...

A great Mother's Day weekend, indeed! Happy planting! :-)

Jamie said...

Thank you! I am having trouble deciding where to put everything. :)

Geneva said...

Just found you on Pinterest ... what a cute blog!