Friday, May 7, 2010

A few garden delights from this week.
New growth on Tolleymore Spruce. These neat little pines never grow taller than 8 feet. I love how this one looks as a backdrop to my roses. As it gets bigger, I'm sure it will only get better.
New growth on 'Tiger Eyes' Sumac. I could not afford a huge one of these, so the tiny one I got 40% off at Farm and Fleet is really exciting for me. I also inherited two babies from my aunt and uncle this spring. Love these!

Camassia in front of glowing Spirea.

This little bird friend lives on a birdhouse on my front fence. I think it is a black capped chickadee.

Ranunculus are quickly becoming one of my favorite things.

Happy Gardening!


Shady Gardener said...

Hi Jamie, I'm going to have to read about the Tollymore (sp) Spruce! Sounds wonderful, and if YOU can grow it, then I surely can. :-)

Hope you're not getting the freezing temps tonight! (word Verification: duckem!) For sure, heads down on the cold temps! ha.

Jamie said...

I was very worried about the freezing temps. I covered all the tender stuff with blankets, and we made it out just fine.

My mom bought me the Tolleymore Spruce years ago. The first year I had a small section of it die out, and I asked the nursery to replace it the next spring. They did, but then I asked what they do with the asthetically challenged old tree, and they said they would toss it. I asked if I could tuck it into a back bed at my house and wait out the dead spot? Could I leep them both? Yes! It's much better now! And I love having two.