Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monches Farm, Wisconsin

Towards August of last year I was restless in the garden. I wanted to have a little adventure and see Monches Farm, a rural garden center I read about years ago in one of my magazines. Quite spontaneously we googled directions, and headed out the door.

The directions from google weren't correct, so we drove around and around forever, but finally (after hours) we found our way. I found the buildings scenic, and quaint.

I was confused, and felt like I needed a map, but could not find anything, not even a sign. I just began to roam around and make my way. I found clusters of girls in fairy outfits, and by listening and reading a sign I found they had a fairy party scheduled for the day which had been cancelled, and rescheduled for the next day. The kids all looked heartbroken to not have their fairy party, and the weather was more than cleared up by the time I was there.

I did not see one staff member until I was inside the gift shop trying to pay. I was hauling around a large potted plant, and couldn't figure out where else I could pay for it. I felt terribly uncomfortable bringing a muddy plant into a nicey decorated gift shop. I purchased one hardy hibiscus, which bloomed later that week, the dropped all it's leaves. I am hopeful it will return in the spring.

Most of the gardens looked at though they hadn't been tended to, like this:

but others were extrememly nice, and well worth photographing. Perhaps, once you own a busy garden center (the place was bustling for an August day in such a rural location) you just choose to run your business or manage your garden. Still, I could not help but wonder why they wouldn't hire someone.

I read in the original magazine article, and also on the website, that this farm had animals my kids could see. Hard as we tried, I saw one peacock, and some chickens, and nothing else.

This pergola was beautiful.
Once you passed through the pergola you were surprised by this:
My children enjoyed the pond.

This hosta was so gigantic. My oldest son, who was 4 in this picture, was so excited about the plant!
The above hosta was not labeled, but I was able to locate all of the hostas for sale. I would have loved to buy one of these huge ones, but which blue one in the picture below could it be? lol.

Again, very scenic the shopping area.
The daylilies available for sale:
Inside a green house, some beautiful birds in a great handmade birdcage!

I would probably not return to this garden shop, but I thought I'd share the picture with you before I delete them from the computer.

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