Sunday, February 7, 2010

Last summer a good friend I ventured onto a local garden tour run by our local public gardens. Several gardens around Janesville, WI were featured. I was impressed with the diversity, some elaborate and mature gardens, and some newer; some with focus on plants and color, and other with elaborate water features; some in new homes, and some in very, very old ones; some close together in one neighborhood--in fact with connecting back yards, and others practically out of town. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon!

I thought exploring these garden pictures on this dark, blustery, winter day would get me excited for spring!

This unique house was along the way on the walk, but the garden was not featured. I liked their landscaping quite a bit as it reminded me of what my home's landscaping looked like when I moved in. :) I have got to trim hedges to get this nice manicured look back!

A beautiful water feature.

A sunny and wonderfully colorful front yard garden. You can click on the photo to enlarge it. I love this!!

Another enviable manicured area.

The homeowner told us this was a bowling ball with grout, pennies, and marbles. She got it free from a bowling alley when they were getting rid of balls. Neat idea!

A massive water feature, in an extremely scenic side yard.

An out of bloom clematis grows low on this unique fence trellis.

A distant look at the huge water feauture.

Beyond the water feature this shed, and whimsical glass balls. I loved this scene, and stared at for a long time.

Grape vines and grapes clung to the stone walls of the old home.

A rock garden nestled in one of the sunnier spots beside the water feature. Love how the gold ball ornament is just stuck down in between the sedum.

More views of the water feature from different angles.

This is another home, in a shaded woodland area.
This sun was suspended from fishing line in both directions, and just dangling above a garden bed.

In yet another garden these gorgeous roses were growing beside this bird bath.

Love these bird baths made from elephant ears, but have never seen one in real life. So cool!

I love this idea: to keep track of her roses, this gardener painted their names on rocks, in an obviously weather-proof paint.
This very tall yellow orienpet lily was gorgeous, and smelled incredible!
I did a lot of chatting, and exporing, so I didn't take as many pictures as I may have liked. I hope you enjoyed my snapshots of the 2009 Garden Walk.


CiNdEe said...

Wow that was breath taking! I love the idea of hanging the things from fishing line. I never thought of that(-: I do have a penny ball(-:
The shed was totally cool and I would love one in my garden(-:
Thanks for sharing! Its been pretty gloomy here lately and its nice to remember that it will be Spring soon!!!

Jamie said...

I knew you would have a penny ball! I thought of you when I saw it. lol. I love all your garden whimsey. I think, as my kids get older, I will add more and more.

I bought some glass balls two springs ago and hung them from fishing line from an arbor. I was disappointed to find they fell. The balls were not meant for garden use. They didn't break, so I put them on the ground amidst groundcovers.

I was delighted to find a glass ball with a glass loop at a second hand store last winter, and it has survived 4 seasons of change hanging just fine. I want more, but they are so expensive. I have this front yard tree that is itching for some hanging ball whimsy!