Monday, June 15, 2009

Rose Photo Contest

I have never entered a photo contest before, but while catching up on some blogs I found Gardening Gone Wild was having a rose photo contest. I love growing, photographing, and sharing my roses, so I thought I'd give this contest a try. I included three of my favorite rose shots... as the contest is limits us to 3 entries. No doubt, I could have added more. LOL!
Hope you enjoy a reprise of some of my favorites:

Rose 'Distant Drums'

Here's the original post containing this picture, where you can click on the image to see a full screen version of the photograph.

Rose 'Vanilla Perfume' with a frog friend.

Also, the original post containing this photo.

This is a new picture from this year, featuring rose 'Proud Land'

Happy gardening everyone!


CiNdEe said...

Oh I love the Distant Drums. I have never seen that one. I want it!!!!(-:
I did not hear about a photo contest! I hope you win!!!!(-: Your roses are absolutely beautiful!

Jamie said...

Thanks Cindee!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

If it had been up to me I am afraid the frog would have won. What an unusual capture.

I would live in a rose too if it were possible.

Jamie said...

Thank you, Lisa! I have frogs in the roses very often. Already another one this year. I would live in one, too. Good point!
Thanks so much for checking out my pictures!