Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Charmed by a giant bee.

I don't know too much about bees, but you can be sure I'll remedy that soon. Once I figure out where I'm lacking knowledge, I usually take action. Meanwhile, I love watching these pollenators in action. I love how much they seem to appreciate my garden, as if to thank me for planting all the intoxicating nectars for them. Once upon a time I feared the bee, now, I know he wants my plants and not me. If I stay calm, and just observe him, he doesn't even seem to know I'm there.
This week I was lucky enough to watch a huge bee savor some salvia in my back border. the yellow privet and blue flowers made for a magical setting. I was so enchanted by this bee! I had never realized they use their "arms" to climb the flower. Pretty amazing. Hope you enjoy!
Happy gardening!

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