Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lime Sublime?

One of the thrills of buying body bag roses from the big box stores in the early spring is never knowing what you're going to get. I've had a Royal Highness turn out to be Electron, a solid red Oklahoma grow instead to be a stripedy Scentimental. It's like a fun gamble, at very little cost.
I have my first body bag mystery of the season here. I bought a healthy body bag rose labeled Chicago Peace, and was delighted to find no sign of Chicago Peace in sight. What do you think I have here? Could it be Lime Sublime? There is a definate lime tone here...

Happy gardening everyone!


CiNdEe said...

That is really fun! I have had this happen too.(-: I love this rose! I think it could be a lime sublime.(-: The bareroot plants are always a gamble in every way because not only are then not growing yet usually, you have no idea if its really the plant on the label. I think I like your mystery rose better then what it was suppose to be(-: Chicago Peace is a pretty rose though and if you don't have one already you should try again next year(-:

Jamie said...

I will be trying again next year, I am sucker for the sunset shades of Chicago Peace. :)