Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sure Signs of Spring

Peony sprouts.

Pasque flower blooms.

Lilac buds bulge.

Perennial Bachelors Buttons reseeded and ready.

Primrose blooms.
Columbine emerges.

Crocus blooms.

Delphinium returns (This is HUGE for me! I am so excited!)
Heuchera leaves still in gleaming from last fall (almost no die back).
Oh, I love spring!!
Happy Gardening!


cindee said...

Well Spring is Springing up for you!!! I have never had delphiniums come back here! I can't wait to see them bloom for you!!!! Happy Spring!!!

Jamie said...

Cindee, I've never had them come back before either! I did a happy dance around the yard when I saw them all. I planted 16, and 15 are coming back! I added manure to the soil, and covered the roses in the area with compost, which I am assuming "fed" them through winter. It's like a miracle!