Friday, April 10, 2009

My other garden companion.

My 5 year-old housecat Toby had never been outside. Well, I carried him in arms a time or two, but other than that--never set foot out the door. He was declawed in front before we bought him, and he's not very "fit," so we figure he better stay inside. Lately, after I began letting my kitten out into the garden, Toby has become brave enough to poke his head out the back door. He even ran out onto the grass one day. I didn't stop him, but rather sat back and watched the wonder of his first out free outdoor experience. His nose flared, and he rolled on the grass. He ran around, and frolicked, looking downright joyful. I felt terrible for having deprived him of the outdoors.
I've started letting him outside with me now. I keep a close eye on him. I'm pleased he doesn't stray, he stays right by me, and the fence, and he runs and rolls and generally acts like a kitten again! I laid on the front grass with him this week, and took a few pictures of him enjoying himself. We bird watched, and soaked up the smells nd sights of spring. Back indoors he's tons more lovable (he's drinking the milk fromt he cereal I just finished as we speak). I think he's showing me he's thankful I let him out finally!

Happy gardening, all.

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