Monday, April 27, 2009

If only it would stop raining...

I could get outside and enjoy the first real blooms of the season! It's been pouring here for days, and the ground is saturated. I've stepped out between showers to stral a few pictures of the blooms. It's finally tulip time!

Pasque flowers just keep on coming.
These pansies never died this winter; they stayed green, and pushed up blooms before I could even buy new ones at the store. They are backed by Sedum 'blue spruce' and 'angelina.'
Daffodils! Last year Walmart clearanced a bunch of spring blooming bulbs who had passed their prime for $.30-.80 cents. These were a steal, and they are so beautiful!
Bleeding heart, so full of promise, and so quickly!

Muscari blooms opening up.
I found this mum for $3 this spring. The pinky-salmon color just stole me.

Hope you have many bright blooms in your gardens, too.
Happy Gardening!


CiNdEe said...

Pretty Spring blooms!!!! Send that rain this way... we need rain really bad here! I know how hard it is though when it rains and rains and all you want to do is get outside!!!! Just think how everything will grow with that lovely rain(-: Happy Friday!!!
CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

Jamie said...

That for sure--everything grew so much this last couple weeks with all the rain. :) I have been going out in the rain, I just can't stay out of the garden. :)