Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My mommy's garden.

I had the pleasure of enjoying my mom's garden on our vacation. She lives in Southern California, Zone 9-10-11. It's been years since my mom's been able to garden. She's facing the challenge of having an all-container garden for the first time in her life. I think it looks beautiful! She has all kinds of treasures I wanted to share with you:

One morning I was outside pruning while the kids ran all around. I found this lizard and I had to show the kids. Here me with my son Ben and the lizard in my hands:

Here grandma show the lizard to my son Hunter:

Here's the lizard up close:

This is my mom's climbing Dreamweaver rose. Dreamy, isn't it?

French Lavender:

This is my mom's Hot Cocoa rose. It's very happy in this whiskey barrel for sure:

She has several red roses side by side, including Ingrid Bergman & Oklahoma.

Unknown rose:

Black-eyed Susan vine:

Yellow Aquilegia glows at sunrise:

These are our plumeria plants. The pink is hers, and the white is mine. She and my grandmother have been babysitting my plumeria for years now. I have a cutting from it growing in my yard, (in fact, it bloomed the day before we left for our vacation) but the huge white parent plant will come home with me someday. ;)

One night my grandma, mom and I walked around my mom's garden. I took this picture of my mom and grandmother, both my most influential gardener heros:

Here's my grandma & me:

And my mom and I:

Happy Gardening!
Much more to come incudng a visit to the local botanical gardens, Cambria Pines Lodge gardens, and lighthouse garden.


Pam/Digging said...

How nice to see your gardening mentors, and to see you and your son enjoying your mother's beautiful container garden. I really love that Hot Cocoa rose. Is it fragrant too?

Jamie said...

It is fragrant, but not known for it's fragrance. A mild scent, not too powerful. Such a beautiful color, though.

cindee said...

Your moms containers are looking beautiful!!! Thriving just great!!!