Friday, September 19, 2008

Dream of a Garden, Solvang, Ca.

During our trip to California last month my husband and I tried to get some time away, alone, without the kiddos. My mom was kind enough to watch the kids for two days and one night while we drove up to Solvang and Cambria on the south central coast of California. In 2002 my husband and I honeymooned on this route, and we were anxious to re-experience some the honeymoon goodness we enjoyed then.

On our honeymoon we stayed at a fabulous Bed and Breakfast called the Storybook Inn, in Solvang. The traditional Danish breakfast they served included a sausage omelette w/ danish cheese my husband's raved about for years, and Abelskivers, a pancake ball served with fresh raspberry preserves. We were unable to stay at the same B & B this time, but we timed our trip perfectly to eat breakfast in Solvang at a restaurant that serves the same type of breakfast we enjoyed so much last time. We arrived a few minutes before the restaurant opened, so we strolled around Solvang, taking in the peace and quiet of the foggy, early morning.

Around the corner from where we parked I spotted this business, not yet open of course, but completely surrounded in the most beautiful cottage garden I'd seen in real life. The roses seemed to be at peak bloom, and I felt like I was in a wonderland. I did not venture up the steps, I didn't want to be trespassing or anything, but I simply had to take a few pictures. I don't think I would have taken pictures if it was a private residence, but it was a business, so I felt okay. I didn't want to ask for permission to browse at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. Ha ha!

I was beyond delighted to find Eden rose blooming in abundance right along the street side of the garden. I have coveted this rose for years now, and have never seen it in person. This trip was certainly turning out to be magical.

Doesn't this look like paradise!

Some other treasures within reach:

Just down the same street another place of business, I think a small hotel of sorts, had this garden in their front yard. This agapanthus and Rose of Sharon made me drool.

These roses were beautiful also!

And on our way back to the restaurant I saw these giant rosemary plants. What I wouldn't give to have a hardy rosemary near us!!

The gardening portion of my day only got better as we ventured up to Cambria...


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