Thursday, September 11, 2008

A few "garden" things I noticed at Disneyland.

The way I see, it, all the world is a garden. Most people, I imagine, go about their day un-knowingly passing by the various plant life around them. And then there's me. I might miss out on the people I'm with, the street I'm on, but I notice the gardens. I remember the gardens.

Who could go to Disneyland and walk right past this Disneyland rose?

Not me. I spent a long time with my nose in one, and my camera on the others.

My sons, husband, and brother go up in the tree house, and I'm looking at the abundant tropical paradise around them.

In New Orlean's square outside Pirates of the Carribean? I see this basket of dead nettle, and am impressed. I never would have thought to make a whole basket of it. It looks so simple and elegant.
In line for Pooh's ride I see this fence. How simple. They're manufactered, but very realistic. i want a fence like this!
Outside Pooh's ride I find this gorgeous arbor.
Eating lunch I went for a potty break and stumbled into this area of alfresco dining. I was mezmerized!
The path to the potty took me on a quick trip to central America.
Just look at these planters!
While the kids pet goats I find this cabin, and it's garden:
How about a whole ride dedicated to mini-gardening? Storybookland.
This slope of color on the right is all succulents of various colors! There are mini-trees on the island in the middle.
How about a whole castle of mini-plant life?
A blurry shot, but look at the Norfolk Pine growing in one of the few environments they're hardy.
These cottages are so amazing to me. Mini trees, mini boxwood hedges. To scale, this little structure doesn't top 1 1/2 feet.
And finally, in Toon Town I find this adorable pumpkin patch! Sweet Potato Vine with faux pumpkins!!! Love this idea, and might try it next year in the front yard.
Hope you enjoyed my journey. Oh, and never fear, I did pay tons of attention to the kiddos and family while I was there, too.
Happy gardening!

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cindee said...

It all looks so pretty. I haven't been to Disneyland since I was 7!!! Thats a long time(-; I would enjoy the landscaping more then the rides too(-: