Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Finland, Road Side Junk and a New Rose

During my mom's visit here we ventured to Northern Wisconsin. We road a steam train in Laona, and visited Little Finland in Hurley, WI. The road sides near Laona were lined with ferns. So beautiful!

My mother's side of the family is 100% Finnish. In past internet browsing we had read about Little Finland, a small museum/gift shop near Hurley, WI. On the way to Laona we saw Hurley was only 80 miles away, so we made a detour on our way home. The museum was closed, but there was a lady working on the property who opened the store up for us.

While my mom browsed the gift shop, I walked around the little Sauna and cottages. I was pleased to see the lady working there was putting in a garden. She had planted some evergreens, columbine, hosta, daylilies, and some annuals. I told her if I lived closer I'd give her some divisions from my plants. if my hubby and I venture in that direction in the spring ever I may bring her some goodies.

They had also been working on putting in a nature trail. They lined the start of the trail with birch trees, or Koivu, in Finnish. I've been told, by my grandparents, that birch trees are abundant in Finland.

There were several established 'Koivu' on the property also. I love birch trees, and plan on planting some when we get our next home (run out of room here, lol). That's the good thing about being a military family, there's almost always going to be a next 'home.'

On our way between the two places we saw a little junk store on the side of the road we could not pass up. As I was browsing, already carrying this $4 bunny you see here in my veggies and herb garden:

I passed this rose & could not stop smelling it:

The shop owner was very attentive, and noticed my smelling. I asked her about the rose, and she explained an ederly gentleman, who had since passed, gave it to her. She remember him telling her it was an antique rose. She explained this was the first year the rose had done this well. She loved how hardy it was, too. I was intoxicated by the smell, for sure. She then pointed out that the rose was sending up "runners." You know where this is going...

She dug up two of the "runners" with roots and put them in a pot of manure and soil for me. I grabbed a bottle of water at our next stop, watered it, and the powerful little plant never once wilted, not even in the hot car. I planted them in my front yard, right along my picket fence, so they can lean if they need to later. I was so excited that this sweet lady would dig these roses up for me and share.

As far as what kind of rose this is, I asked some of the knowledgeable folks on GardenBuddies, and it seems it may be the damask rose 'Ispahan.' No matter what kind, I'm pleased to have it!

I also picked up this little metal thingy. I plan on hanging it somewhere soon, but for now it sits in the corner of the yard, in the shade, with a creeping ficus in it. :)

A nice road trip day, for sure. I'm happy to report days have passed since I planted the roses and they've shown no sign of shock or stress. :)
Happy Gardening.

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cindee said...

That is so cool that the lady dug up starts for you!!! I am sure it is something you will cherish forever(-: I loved the pictures/story and tour!!!!!