Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last Week's Roses: A lot of them!

The Japanese Beetles are out of control here; If you live west of the Mississippi you may not have experience with them, but you will in coming years. They have been moving west little by little. They devastate roses. They eat the foliage, and nestle in the flower beds eating rapidly. Here is a sampling of my beetle population, even after using Sevin and a grub control. And daily flicking of them into a bucket of soapy water. Buggers.
So at the end of lastweek I decided to bring all the roses inside before the beetles could eat through them all.

This back bed is really filling in. I plan on doing a post of before and after's of the newish beds in my garden soon, after I finish posting the pics from my mom's vacation here.


Brother Cadfael:


Another Oklahoma bush:

Royal Highness:

Christian Dior:
Toulouse Lautrec:

O' Rilla:

Hot Cocoa:

I really thought this Don Juan was a goner, but I moved it, and gave it a chance, and I'm not sorry.

Vanilla Perfume:

Another shot of the frog in VP:

Proud Land:

Distant Drums through a hazy lens. It was s hot and humid on this day my lens fogged up as soon as I walked out the door!

First blooms on a bare root bargain find Double Delight:

Double Delight on the older bush:

Mary Rose is putting out single blooms sporadically. Each one is special. She's new, so I forgive her for being inconsistent.

Sombreuil, a beautiful rose I am so happy to have!

An unknown mini:


Some of the first blooms on my Gertrude Jekyll.

Here she is in her setting, paired with a blue clematis behind her (not in bloom), a delphinium, and Peace rose to her right. There are campanula in front of her, and this week, I added a heuchera and penstemon (not yet pictured here).

Another mini, a Kordes whose name slips my mind at the moment. Theres a golden privet behind her.

My Cl. Pearly Gates put on a long bloom show for me last week. Here are some highlights:

When my mom was here she bought me a rose. I had walked past it at the nursery and loved it, and minutes later she walked past it and called me to come and see it. Here is Catalina, the newewst rose in my garden. Thank you, momma!

The blooms open much darker and fade to this fluffy coral pink.

Happy Gardening to you all!


cindee said...

You have so many beautiful roses. I love them all(-: Mine are in a state of emergency right now...lol Supposedly the air is suppose to clear after the weekend. I will keep my fingers crossed!!!
I am also giving you an award. Please drop by my blog to pick it up!!!

Eve said...

I can just smell those roses. The little tiny one is very pretty.