Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm back. Lots to share.

My mom has been in town for the last 10 days, so we've been on a little at-home vacation. We visited numerous local festivals and places of interest, all along the way I took pictures of gardens, so I have lots and lots to share. Not to mention, my own garden's goodness. It'll likely take me days to share all of the pretty and interesting things I saw, but I'll thought I'd go in order. Here are some pictures from my garden about 10 days ago.

A reminder, I put the captions above the images, not below. ;)

Rose 'Scarlet Knight' bloomed the first day my mom visited.

Rose 'Christopher Marlowe'

Below you'll see my first blooms on Cl. 'Pearly Gates'

Rose 'O'Rilla'
Rose 'Heirloom'
Rose ' Rusty'

Rose 'Windermere'

We ate sugar snap peas on the Fourth of July. These are the first peas I've ever grown. We steamed em'. They were pretty darn good.

I don't know the name of this native wildflower. I once knew it, but can't seem to pinpoint the info again. Anyhoot, the bees and butterflies flock to it, literally, and it's sweet smell is intense. I let if take ver the curb of our house each summer. It gets about 6 feet high, and seems to readily reseed.
A blue phlox blooms with yellow loosestrife, in front of a plum citrena shrub.

Daylily 'Happy Returns'

An unknown clematis, my guess is 'Niobe':
A 'Peach Melba' nasturium reseeded itself from last year.
Dahlia 'Arabian Night' is blooming.
Am unidentified pink rose surprised me (was supposed to be Royal Highness, a pale, pale pink)
An asiatic lily my mom sent me from a Southern California lighthouse plant sale years ago.

The long awaited (by me) Corepsis 'Limerock Ruby' blooms.
Cl 'America' rose

Rose 'Hot Cocoa'
I've always wanted to try verbena bonariensis; it's huge already towering at eye level!

So much more to share...
I can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs. I hope your gardens are all doing well!
Happy Gardening!


cindee said...

Your roses are just beautiful. They are really doing great for you!!!(-: The wild flower is very cool too. I finally found a re blooming daylilly at WM(-: I bought it of course. It is red and I am waiting....lol Its to hot here right now so probably why it is wilted...I'm sure it will be fine though. I have a Niobe too...which reminds me I better get outside and water it. It is still in a pot because I didn't want to shock it right now. I will wait till fall(-: Glad you are back(-:

Jamie said...

Thanks! :)
I just got caught up on your blog, too. :)
That bridge is beautiful!