Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Who is ready for some blooms?

As of day before yesterday, my neighbor has the year's very first blooms; some wonderful bright purple crocus on the sunniest side of their home are shining at me through my kitchen window. My yard is still barren of blooms. It should be a bit before I see any- as my earliest bulbs are planted in some shadier, later to thaw spots. I did get smart to the idea of planting a few spring flowers in the sunniest spots, but they are later tulips and daffs, and still have a ways to grow.
Note to self: plant some crocus in the sunniest spot.
Nary a pansy can be found at the local garden centers yet. (Sigh)
I'm ready for some blooms. I'm even watching the forsythia like a hawk, circling it, waiting for that first gold yellow bloom.
In the meantime, here are some last years favorite blooms:
A creamy white, almost yellow daylily- I have the name somewhere, can't find it at the moment.
Ms. Eileen dahlia.

Kogana mix dahlias.

Kogana dahlia in red.

Fluerel Dahlia.

Cappuccino Rudbeckia
Garden Wonder, my favorite red dahlia.

Peaches and Cream nasturtium.

Myrtle's Folly dahlia.

Giant dahlia Emory Paul towers over roses.

A self sown sunflowers fed so many bees.

Mums re blooming a fall effort.

Don't they just seem to smile at you?
Happy gardening!

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