Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Autumn on the porch.

Still taking my time going through last season's pictures, although this season is definitely in the makes (finally). I found a few pictures from the back and front porch (and a few other areas) that I took just as autumn was arriving.  The temperatures were warm enough to still have all my containers outside, but cool enough to be setting pumpkins out.
This photo is from our back porch, inside the screened in gazebo (no longer screened in, as the sun parched materials finally gave in last fall, and we're in the process of figuring out an economical way to provide shade this year- more than likely involving twigs and burlap). I picked up this "lamp" on clearance at hobby lobby so many years ago. I put a pot of ivy under it, and a candle on top, and it looks like a topiary lamp. One of my favorite garden accents.
This is also on the back porch, in front of the coffee table. Big agave soaking up the real sun before she has to over winter under the florescent lights in the basement.

Under the big agave is this big ruffly echeveria.

On the front porch I had the pumpkins and a few succulents and mums tucked in. I loved how the colors worked together on our new front steps (railing were put in just after this). The jarrahdale pumpkin looks so great with the purple echeveria. My children grew the tall white squash, and big round orange pumpkin here.

Another autumn delight was this rose, Pearly Gates, with the Virginia creeper.

The two of them shared bed space with this self seeded Nicotiana.

I bought the bright yellow mums here in spring for a very low price (may have been $1), and was delighted to see they rebloomed in the fall- not always the case in our short growing season.

This is a frog on the back porch at night.

As I started bringing in the containers (tenderest first), I decided to hang these alocasia on my dining room wall. They are still there now, anxiously awaiting the outdoors again.

This was the color of the sky as I took the pictures of the pumpkins.
Pumpkins, mums, and succulents.
Funny how these pictures of autumn have me so ready to get back outside to pot up containers for spring!
Happy gardening!

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