Sunday, May 5, 2013

Major Loss a Reason to Start Anew

I know, they are just plants... but I'm still mourning the loss of my dahlia collection in a tough way. Last year, my knitting business was more than a full time endeavor, and I ran out of time, and frankly energy, to properly store my dahlias in the way I usually do. I was desperate for an alternative to leaving them out in the cold to die, and tried storing them in a crawl space under our house. I shouldn't say I TRIED- I was so busy I was not involved at all- my husband and kids did it all for me! This week, we finally dipped into the stock to see how they did, and they've all perished. Probably about 70 of them. Years of collecting and caring, gone. Normal me would totally be devastated, to the point of tears. I didn't have time or energy for tears. It is what it is. Instead, I budgeted and started recollecting. I've taken a positive spin on things, and decided this is a great reason to get some varieties I've always wanted to try! So here's one last tribute to the collection of years past:
Pineland's Princess:
Kogana Fubuki:


Garden Wonder:

I replaced Akita, one of my favorites! I also bought more of Arabian Night. I've ordered a few stunners, includin Mrytle's Folly, Gallery Dahlia Art Deco, and Fluerel (supposedly the white Kelvin Floodlight). I've also finally treated myself to a Giant Ball Dahlia, and Pon Pom types, too. Very excited for new things to come... and even if a few orders have to be less than early, or I need to put my shop in vacation mode, I will be storing them properly this year. You live, you learn.

Happy gardening!

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