Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hyper tufa Love

I have been enjoying the process of making hyper tufa the last few months-it has really helped ease the pain of a slow going winter. We even have a winter storm warning this week! Thankfully, I am finally starting to have a few fully cured pieces and I could not be more excited! We tried a couple recipes, but found the equal parts peat moss, perlite, portland cement to work best. No real way to say how much water to add, it's an eyeball it kind of thing. I am also finding it to be a wonderful creative outlet. How fun are these?

I will be selling these, and other hypertufa creations at the upcoming Juxtaposition 99 Sale,in Buffalo Minnesota this May 2, 3, 4th. Check out the Juxtaposition 99 Blog here, and like Juxtaposition 99 on facebook here! I will also be opening a garden themes Etsy shop in the next month. Very excited!!!

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