Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fabulous "Winter" Storm

Well folks, it's still snowing on us up here in ol' lower Canada.

Kidding of course, I'm in Buffalo, MN. But it is indeed a record setting April for snowfall, as we are slated to pick up 8 more inches with the storm currently overhead. The snow from last weeks storm wasn't gone yet. Snow picture included here us from this morning, and several inches have accumulated since. I'm hoping we have a nice wet year-way too dry last year!

My hardy succulent orders have begun arriving, and I started tucking them into some of the hypertufa that's fully cured. Love how its looking- still a ways to go to fill in, but with the cold spring even the hardy succulents at the nursery were still semi-dormant. I will be selling hypertufa with hardy succulents at the juxtaposition 99 sale here in Buffalo this May 2, 3, and 4th.


Also getting ready to have some fresh lettuce soon. Glad those seedlings are going strong!
Lots more germinations in the unheated greenhouse, including delphinium, foxglove, blue fescue, hare's tail grass, sweet William, snapdragons, peas, hollyhock, and more. Will share pics of those hopeful little sprouts soon.
Happy gardening!

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